PLM Power Driven BMW 135i / 335i / 435i / M235i (N55) DOWNPIPES (CATLESS) 2013+

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Private Label MFG downpipes are designed to improve your turbo charged vehicles performance. Private Label MFG Power Driven BMW 135i/335i/435i/M235i (N55)DOWN PIPES (CATLESS) 2013+ downpipes are no exception, these pipes are made from stainless steel. They connect to the headers with a 4" diameter opening and V band flange. The larger diameter design will improve exhaust flow, keep boost pressure up and provide improved throttle response. This down pipe eliminates the catalytic converters. Each down pipe has 2 oxygen sensor locations. Thick flanges, sturdy hangers and increased flow make these down pipes a must have for all BMW enthusiasts.

The only TRUE 4" catless downpipes currently on the market! 4" tubing until cat-back flange

100% Hand Crafted - from premium stainless steel

Water-jet cut Stainless cat-back flanges, and CNC'd Stainless V-Band flanges.

In addition to an intoxicating and exotic sound, these downpipes add significant power and virtually eliminate turbo lag!

Smooth radius bends to decrease turbulence and increase flow.
Gains up to 20whp
Heavy duty Mandrel bent stainless steel
Brushed Stainless steel finish

Full 4 inch design to taper down to rear flange

Direct, bolt in replacement
Fully Tig welded

More aggressive exhaust sound


BMW F22/F23/F32/F33/F36 135i/235i/M235i/435i/435i X Drive N55 2013+

will not fit
335i xdrive m sport

Will only fit after 7/13 production

All M135i & 335i models produced up to 07/13 require the 3.5″ version of this downpipe. M135 and 335i models produced after 07/13 require the 4″ model of this downpipe. All M235 and 435i models require the 4″ version of this downpipe. Please feel free to contact us with the last 7 of your VIN if you need help determining exactly which version of the downpipe your car requires.

BMW made two versions of the factory downpipe for the new F Series N55 Engine. The early version ran from build date 2012 to 08/2013. The second version ran from build date 09/2013 and on. The build date of your car can be found on a stick on the driver's side door jam. These downpipes are not interchangeable. Make sure you order the correct downpipe for your car.