PLM Power Driven BMW 135i / 335i ( N54 ) CATLESS DOWNPIPES

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PLM Private Label Mfg. downpipes are designed to improve your turbocharged vehicle's performance. Private Label Mfg. Power Driven BMW 135i / 335i downpipes are no exception. These pipes are made from stainless steel. They connect to the turbo with a 3" diameter opening and V-band flanges. They have an inside diameter of 2.60". The larger diameter design will improve exhaust flow, keep boost pressure up and provide improved throttle response. These downpipes are cat-less; eliminates the catalytic converters. Each down pipe has 2 oxygen sensor locations. Thick flanges, sturdy hangers and increased flow make these down pipes a must have for all E90 E92 enthusiasts.

For BMW 135i & 335i with N54 Engines
3" inch catless downpipes - The largest on the market. 3" tubing until cat-back flange - all systems currently on the market reduce to 2.5" much closer to the turbocharger. 100% Hand Crafted - from premium stainless steel - flanges and O2 bungs included! Water-jet cut Stainless cat-back flanges, and CNC'dStainless V-Band flanges. 100% TIG welded. Set of exhaust gaskets included. Factory location O2 bungs.