PLM Power Driven BMW 135i / 335i ( N54 ) Catless Downpipes

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PLM Private Label Mfg. downpipes are designed to improve your turbocharged vehicle's performance.

Made from stainless steel, 3" piping, hand tig welds, with v-band flanges - these downpipes connect to the turbo with a 3" diameter v-band flanges.  With an inner diameter of 2.60", the larger diameter design will improve exhaust flow, keep boost pressure up and provide improved throttle response.

These downpipes are catless so they eliminate the factory catalytic converters for the best performance gains.  Each downpipe has 2 oxygen sensor holes.

Thick flanges, bolt-on design and increased exhaust flow make these downpipes a must have for all BMW enthusiasts.
E90 E92

  • For BMW 135i & 335i with N54 Engines
  • For BMW E90 E92 models
  • Does not fit Xi (AWD / 4WD)
  • 3" inch catless downpipes - The largest on the market
  • 3" tubing until cat-back flange - all systems currently on the market reduce to 2.5" much closer to the turbocharger
  • 100% Hand Crafted - from premium stainless steel
  • flanges and O2 bungs included!
  • Water-jet cut Stainless cat-back flanges
  • CNC machined v-band flanges
  • 100% TIG welded
  • Set of exhaust gaskets included
  • Factory location O2 bungs