Precision Works K2F Adapter Plate K20 to F20C & Clutch Masters Flywheel combo

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Clutch Masters K2F Flywheel (FW-K2F-AL) & Precision Works K2F Adapter Plate

Love K20 engines? Now you can install it in your S2000!

This package is the most crucial component you will need to install a Honda K-Series Engine into your S2000!


  • ClutchMasters K2F Flywheel ( Part # FW-K2F-AL )
  • Precision Works K2F Adapter Plate ( Part # PW-K2F-PLATE )

Designed to mount K20 K24 K-Series Engines to F20C Transmission Gearbox in a S2000, this adapter plate with flywheel is the perfect part you'll need for your K2F setup.

Manufactured from 100% CNC Aluminum.


Installation instructions are not included/provided.

It is highly recommended that all installs be done by a professional mechanic or automotive specialist.