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The Private Label Mfg Fully Adjustable shifter is constructed with high quality alloy steel for maximum durability and reliability to ensure the shifter will last. The added weight of the shifter results in smoother and more positive shifting with the ergonomic design that just falls into your hands, to the very first ultra-smooth shift. The shifter was designed to have an adjustable ratio as the stock shifter to an more aggressive feel. The shifter is fully height adjustable to accommodate each drivers desired position, as every driver is different. The shifter certainly does not look stock, but the shift feel and throw can be adjusted like the stock shifter. Each short shifter features a non-binding sealed bearing and a low friction coating that ensures smooth and precise shifting, even under the harshest driving conditions.
• 2-part design for easier installation • Fits any Honda/Acura thread-pitch knob • Adjustable handle compensates for small-diameter racing steering wheels • Revised shift linkage bushings for even smoother shifting • Standard Honda/Acura 10x1.5mm thread pitch and shift knob applications • Made from high grade stainless steel & billet aluminum • Machine spun stainless finish • Shift Knob not included • All necessary allen keys for adjusting included