PLM Audi Heat Exchanger V2 - A4 S4 B8 B8.5

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PLM (Private Label Mfg.) Audi Heat Exchanger is the best kit in the marketplace today. 

V2 is the newest version!  Comes with bleeder and drain valves!

By popular demand, we are offering a version 2 (V2) of our Audi heat exchanger for the budget minded consumers.  The Heat exchanger is produced with the same process of all of our other heat exchangers, using all-aluminum, high quality non-epoxied furnace brazed cores.

Supercharged Audi tend to overheat under hot weather or extreme driving conditions. If you increase boost or horsepower, expect your intake charge temp to rise even further.  The solution is to add the upgraded Private Label Mfg. Power Driven heat exchanger.  This heat exchanger will significantly reduce intake charge temps allowing you to keep power.  PLM Power Driven heat exchangers use non epoxied furnace brazed cores resulting in better heat dissipation and are welded with CNC precision machined billet aluminum necks.

* Guarantee to outperform! - Independent customer testing has shown stock heat exchanger will increase your IAT temp by over 41 degrees, while PLM heat exchanger under the same test condition only increase 23 degree maximum, on a hard run.

    Vehicle Fitment:

    • Audi 3.0 / 4.0T TFSI
    • B8 / B8.5 A4 A5 S4 S5
    • Q5 SQ5
    • C7 A6 A7 S6 S7

    Key Features:

    • Bolt-on installation at the stock location (front bumper support beam.)
    • Lower intake air temperature 
    • Dual Core / Quad Pass Design
    • High density fin core
    • Mounting brackets and hardware for installation 
    • All aluminum construction
    • 100% TIG welded
    • Dimension 22" x 17" x 2.4" (including end tanks)
    • 24" width including the inlet / outlet tubes
    • Corrosion resistant coating and polishing
    • Includes bleeder and drain valve ports
    • Fill and drain plug is 1/4NPT

    Optional Install kit (+$50) includes:

    • 5 feet of 3/4" Heater Hose
    • Heat Exchanger Mounting Bolts/Nuts/Hardware
    • 6 Stainless Steel (304 Grade) Clamps
    • 2 Straight Hose Connectors
    • 2 Elbow (90 degree) Hose Connectors