Our mission is to provide you with the best-value, the best performance-per-dollar when it comes to aftermarket performance car parts.

PLM employs skilled engineer & fabricator in-house, and works directly with a team of overseas R&D staff to offer you the best value in performance parts.

Our in-house capability includes:

  • CMM Arm - Scanning, Measure, Validation.
  • CAD / CAE software - Design and Engineering.
  • Haas CNC milling / turning - 3, 4, 5-axis.
  • Commercial 3D printer.
  • Miller TIG / MIG welding equipment.

We offer FREE parts scanning / measuring / rendering, using our latest model CMM arm and design services. 

Manufacture your performance parts with us today!  Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Just a product idea?  Not a problem, drop us a line below using the contact form and we'll make it happen!