PLM Power Driven Audi Reservoir Kit - A4 S4 B8 B8.5

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PLM Private Label Mfg. Reservoir Tank Kit mounts behind the stock bumper.  Unlike the ugly under-the-hood style reservoir, this reservoir tank is completely hidden once installed.

With the 4 additional liters, your vehicle will have more fluids to cool down the system. Installation requires basic hand tools.
Supercharged Audi tends to overheat under hot weather or extreme driving conditions.  If you increase boost or horsepower, expect your intake charge temp to rise even further. The solution is to add the upgraded Private Label Mfg. Power Driven reservoir tank Kit.  More fluid equals to lower engine temperature!
Key Features:

  • Made of full aluminum
  • Increases fluid capacity by 4 additional liters
  • Includes bracket, hardware, and hoses