4 Signs Your Exhaust Downpipe May Be Leaking

4 Signs Your Exhaust Downpipe May Be Leaking

The trouble with car problems is that so many things could go wrong. It’s not always easy to pinpoint the problem unless you have some help with your diagnosis. Read on to find out the four signs that your exhaust may be leaking.


This may seem obvious, but yes—leaks do, in fact, imply that your system is leaking. To search your exhaust system for any small cracks, turn on your engine. Then, exit your car and look at the tailpipe. If you see any droplets falling from where your exhaust manifold connects to your cylinder head, you should contact a professional for assistance.


After you fire up your car, take care to notice any unusual vibrations. When your exhaust pipe leaks, you may feel unfamiliar vibrations in your pedals, seat, or steering wheel. Pay extra attention if you use your car to make lots of short trips—your pipes don’t usually get warm enough to evaporate collected water, so your system could be rusty.


Let’s be clear: your car can make a lot of noises. If you’re trying to identify a leaking exhaust downpipe, you should keep your ears open for hissing or popping noises while the engine is running. If you hear either of these sounds, check your exhaust ports. If you see burned paint around your exhaust ports, you should bring your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Reduced Mileage

The final sign is a little tough to notice if you don’t usually keep track of your gas mileage. For those who have a general sense of how far they’re able to get with a full tank of gas, a leaky exhaust downpipe typically comes with reduced mileage.

That’s because your engine needs to work harder, requiring more fuel. If you notice yourself stopping for gas more than usual, keep your eyes peeled for these other signs. You could have a leak in your exhaust system!

Now that you know these four signs your exhaust downpipe may be leaking, contact your local auto shop and get yourself a new turbo downpipe!

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