Benefits of Upgrading Your Engine Mounts

Benefits of Upgrading Your Engine Mounts

You may think you see the whole picture when you look at a completed jigsaw puzzle. But if a piece were missing, you would certainly notice the gap, wouldn’t you? Whether the puzzle is 12 pieces, 750 pieces, or 5,000 pieces, each tiny facet makes the comprehensive picture what it is. Correspondingly, we can compare modern-day vehicles to a puzzle—a jigsaw puzzle that may have all the necessary pieces in the box but may not provide a complete picture.

A single automobile contains thousands of parts, screws, nuts, and bolts, and each one has its role in structure, function, and form. Putting it all together may feel like a foreign language, but each system and component aligns to power your vehicle adequately down the road. Some auto enthusiasts chose to upgrade certain parts to boost overall performance and aesthetics.

That being said, certain cars seldom get the time of day. Today we’ll talk about one in particular: engine mounts. Engine mounts, also known as motor mounts, are essentially what their name implies: bracket holders designed to keep the engine in place. Motor mounts have a critical job description in the collective company of your car but don’t often get the credit they deserve. As a matter of fact, many people forget about the laborious work of these parts until they fail. Then what? Let’s consider closer a few major benefits of upgrading your engine mounts in the near future. Keep in mind that these pieces are not all one and the same.

Engine Mounts Significance: OEM and Aftermarket

Engine mounts vary in size, shape, and structural appearance as their designs relatively differ to suit engine layouts. As a vehicle’s transmission and engine bolt together, the concept of the engine mount is to keep each component physically in its rightful place. Nobody desires a loose engine excessively shifting around and hearing loud clanks, bangs, and boisterous booms on a drive. Without an adequate stabilizer, the vehicle would unpredictably shake around town like a washing machine with a full load of laundry.

Engine mounts are sensible solutions that traditionally stabilize a car while it’s out on the road, providing a smooth and controlled ride. Since manufacturers construct engine mounts to appeal to the broadest population—people who don’t desire to think or worry about them outside of general application—vibration is kept to a minimum in non-performance cars. Stock OEM engine motors are generally soft for cushioning, constructed out of rubber to reduce an incessant clanging against the vehicle’s metal frame. In that respect, factory motor mount setups do their job well. Yet if you have a failing or inadequate engine mount, the rubber is most likely what’s to blame.

That being said, a selection of quality aftermarket components are out there on the market. Performance motor mounts are made out of stiffer materials to absorb less power and instead put that power directly into the ground. These alternative polyethylene or metal brackets offer greater upgraded specifications over factory-installed rubber. Ergo, aftermarket motor mounts provide the following advantages for those who seek a more hardcore driving experience.

Reliability: Stable, Predictable Handling

Typical vehicles may not require a bonafide upgrade from factory settings, but car aficionados who strive for enhanced handling can benefit from a switcheroo. When the name of the game is smooth handling, upgraded engine mounts are the way to go. These mounts offer superior opportunity over their softer predecessors. Stock mounts that absorb vibration relatively have too much give. This unpreferable give-and-take does nothing for the sake of handling enhancement for speed or turns.

The fit of an upgraded mount could initially be a bit stiffer, but the vibration effect is typically minimal; it won’t be easily felt by passengers. The best configuration and mount setup truly depend on your individual needs and comfort levels. No car is exactly alike these days, and tuning projects tend to be well worth the investment and effort. Is smoother handling important to you as a driver? The ability to remain stable through dynamic driving conditions offers its own considerable perks not to be forgotten.

Performance: Power That Counts

Factory-setting or slightly modified vehicles can stick to the OEM engine mount variety—but such noise and vibration dampening mounts are not ideal for the performance enthusiasts of the world. The torque naturally generated from the striking engine is lost from the power-sapping absorption of the motor mounts. Ergo, the engine transfers less powerful energy to the driveline. How can a driver get this power back for boosted output?

Climatically, one of the leading benefits of upgrading your engine mounts is apex performance power. The amount of vibration varies from vehicle to vehicle depending on model, horsepower, and mount brand. Nevertheless, the upgrade to a stronger metal mount is nonetheless ideal for more highly modified vehicles. Rigidity is a slight compromise for prime performance and throttle response. Due to the minimal engine movement under throttle, acceleration is directly under load, creating a powerful driveline impact on the rear wheels.

The Feel: Complementary To Other Aftermarket Upgrades

If you have a modified car with turbo or augmented suspension, upgraded engine mounts are fantastic supplements to these already valuable upgrades. An enhanced feel on the road is fundamentally a guarantee—and a long-lasting one at that—because of the durability of manufacturing materials.

The type of engine mount or bracket combination for your vehicle widely depends on two identifiable factors. The first factor is the make and model and the second is intended purpose for use. Be knowledgeable about the original configurations of your car, what will best fit the car, and what works ideally for your project’s intended purpose. Again, the ultimate choice is dependent on personal preference.

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