Cat-Back Exhaust vs. Axle-Back Exhaust: Which Is Better?

Cat-Back Exhaust vs. Axle-Back Exhaust: Which Is Better?

If you want your car to have that rich, deep sound that turns heads, then you should consider an aftermarket exhaust system. Two of the most popular aftermarket exhaust systems are the axle-back and cat-back. If you want to learn more about these systems but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered with our guide to cat-back exhaust versus axle-back exhaust and which is better.

What Is an Axle-Back Exhaust System?

First, let’s start with the basics of an axle-back exhaust system. An axle-back system refers to the parts behind the rear axle on a car, which almost always include the muffler, tailpipe, and tips. However, that’s not universal for every vehicle. For instance, an axle-back exhaust is different from an axle-back muffler delete, which removes the muffler from the system.

Axle-back systems are generally more affordable than cat-back systems. They give a vehicle a much richer, deeper sound without the tinny noise of a stock exhaust system. You can get these systems in a wide range of looks, and they involve an easy bolt-on installation.

What Is a Cat-Back Exhaust System?

A cat-back exhaust system isn’t altogether that much different from an axle-back. Whereas an axle-back system starts after the axle, a cat-back system modifies the exhaust system after the catalytic converter. This system usually includes the same parts as an axle-back, but it also consists of a mid-pipe.

Like its axle-back competitor, the cat-back is easy to install, but it offers a deeper sound for your car compared to the axle-back. Cat-back system pipes have larger diameters than stock pipes, which reduces back-pressure on the vehicle and increases its horsepower. This is the primary benefit of cat-back systems: improved performance.

Which Exhaust System Is Better?

Now that you’ve got the details on both systems, which is better? As you might expect, it’s going to come down to your personal preferences and what’s best for your vehicle. The cat-back is the most popular exhaust mod, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

Axle-back systems are generally more affordable than cat-backs, and they offer more flexibility on most vehicles. The cat-back may cost more, but for many people, the price is worth it for the increased performance. Keep in mind that both systems won’t fit every car, so you should research your specific vehicle before making any decisions.

We hope you learned something from our breakdown of an axle-back versus cat-back exhaust system and which is better for your vehicle. Whichever exhaust system you decide on, Private Label MFG can get you high-quality parts at an affordable price.

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