Smart Upgrades To Make Your Car Safer on the Road

Smart Upgrades To Make Your Car Safer on the Road

When you hear the term “mod,” what does your brain automatically think of? Where does your mind wander off to? Do you picture modern subculture, fashion, or music? These days, “mod” has fresh, energetic meaning in the automotive world, and that bona fide meaning is modification. Car modifications are the upgrades and alterations that you can make to a vehicle to change aspects of its appearance and function. As a matter of fact, numerous cosmetic and performance mods are taking center stage nowadays for pure aesthetic and restoration purposes.

Vehicle modifications are state-of-the-art, but they don’t have to be the pure razzle-dazzle you see on reality TV, restoration shows, or around the streets. While speed and horsepower are vital aspects of modern automobiles, you can’t forget about the primary purpose of your car: traveling from point A to point B as safely and efficiently as possible. Safety is a key automotive feature, not some fad that will someday fade away. If you choose to take a step in the right direction, boosting the performance and function of a vehicle leads to enhanced safety.

Nobody wants to lose their sense of comfort and reliability in the shuffle of everyday life. To make things convenient, we’ve compiled a general guide of the main vehicle modifications you should consider for protection purposes. No matter your driving experience, style, or taste, these are smart upgrades to make your car safer on the road. Whether you're an average driver or a committed car enthusiast, these mods offer limitless potential for present-day car owners.

Tires: Treads for Ultimate Traction

In the case of tires, performance directly equals safety. When you think about it, tires are the only parts of your vehicle that actually connect the chassis to the road below. If you ponder that fact even further, you realize that those contact areas aren’t much larger than your own hands. Modern drivers need to pay greater attention to their vehicles’ tires. These key components affect just about everything, as you can't ignore the need for sudden braking, sharp steering, and smooth handling while driving.

As much as you can slam on the brakes to slow your car from crashing, you won’t halt as effectively as you need to without quality tires that prevent the vehicle from sliding around. Picture your car as a pair of ice skates and yourself as a speed skater. No matter how much the Zamboni smooths the ice, you won’t move efficiently without the right footgear.

Rain or shine—or in the burning heat or freezing cold—high-performance tires are the greatest safety features of all when you’re on the road. Upgrade to tires with appropriate tread for the types of roads you consistently drive on. This way, your vehicle will have unparalleled grip and handling.

Brakes and Lines: Saving the Lives of Daily Drivers

Now that we’ve mentioned the importance of tires for safe handling and braking, we can’t overlook the relevance of upgrading and replacing your brake system. A critical safety feature for vehicle owners to consider is brake maintenance. While many people need to replace their cars’ squeaky brakes during their lifetimes, plenty of today’s drivers only swap them out for average pads. They only think about getting rid of the sound and gut-wrenching feeling of pushing the brakes to the floor.

Instead of going with this approach, you should consider fully enhancing your brakes with high-friction pads, larger rotors, synthetic brake fluid, and steel-braided brake lines. Not only will you boost your car’s overall performance, but you’ll also benefit from the peace of mind you have during more spirited driving ventures. No vehicle is fail-proof, and traffic and other drivers aren’t always predictable, but you can certainly ensure better anti-collision safeguards to shift the odds in your favor.

Suspension Setups: Consistent Control and Handling

You need a comfortable setup to boost your confidence while driving. Out of the various smart upgrades that make your car safer on the road, a new suspension system is another protective feature to consider modifying. You must take proper care of this critical system to reduce tension on your vehicle while out and about. Suspension upgrades provide a significant increase in vehicle performance, which in turn enhances safety.

This system controls both the movement of the springs and the suspension to maintain control of the tires and offer precise handling. Quality suspensions also reduce the bouncing of a vehicle for better aerodynamics and rebound when you’re behind the wheel. A myriad of suspension upgrade options is available for drivers to choose from, depending on personal preference and the stock structure of your car. The decision you reach will depend on the optimum goal and universal purpose of your vehicle.

Coilover setups are favorable for maximum adjustability and stability. They also reduce body roll. Because they’re functionally equivalent to shock absorbers, coilovers are innovatively engineered components that absorb impacts on the road well. As precision tools, sway bars are another popular option to diminish roll and support ideal tire contact with the road. In heavy traffic or critical driving situations, either of these upgrades offers greater safety, comfort, and assuredness.

Strut Braces and Cross Bars: Support for Predictability

When you’re thinking about the assorted suspension setups available to you, you should consider some other simple but effective components. These are strut braces and rear cross bars. You can’t go wrong with crossbars or strut tower braces to help transfer loads from side to side when cornering—if that’s your kind of thing, that is. Similar to the purpose of sway bars on the underside of a vehicle’s suspension system, rear struts evenly distribute loads to create solid handling and aid in cornering movements. These protective structures are prime inventions with style, strength, and lightweight finesse.

Turn to Private Label MFG to find the right aftermarket part for the model of your vehicle. We offer a rear strut bar, or cross bar, for a Honda Civic, Acura Integra, or Acura RSX. It will provide ultimate handling and maximum rigidity. After proper installation, the performance and safety of your vehicle will be unquestionable. We guarantee that you’ll feel and see the difference.

Give us a call with any questions about our products or particular specifications. Our expert team of car enthusiasts is here to provide professional care and advice. We pride ourselves on service that’s as high quality as our car parts. For the best performance-per-dollar on the market, browse our array of products to improve the safety and performance of your vehicle today.

Smart Upgrades To Make Your Car Safer on the Road

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