Subaru UEL vs. EL Headers - Which is Best? PLM PRIVATE LABEL MFG

Subaru UEL vs. EL Headers - Which is Best? PLM PRIVATE LABEL MFG

Subaru WRX is available with two different types of headers: equal length and unequal length.

Equal length headers have each exhaust runner in the header tube the same length. This design helps to improve exhaust flow and promotes a smoother exhaust gas pulse. The equal length design is often associated with a distinct, smooth sound and is commonly found in Subaru WRX models up until the 2015 model year.

Unequal length headers, on the other hand, have exhaust runners of varying lengths. This design creates a unique "rumble" sound that is often associated with Subaru vehicles. Unequal length headers were used in WRX models from 1992 to 2014, including the iconic "Subaru rumble."

When it comes to the benefits, here's a breakdown:

Equal Length Headers:

  • Improved exhaust flow
  • Smoother exhaust gas pulse
  • Potential for increased top-end power
  • Typically used in applications where top-end power is a priority

Unequal Length Headers:

  • Distinct "rumble" sound
  • Enhanced low-end torque
  • Often preferred by Subaru enthusiasts for the iconic Subaru sound
  • May sacrifice some top-end power compared to equal length headers

Ultimately, the choice between equal length and unequal length headers for your Subaru WRX comes down to personal preference and desired performance characteristics. It's important to note that modifications like headers may affect emissions compliance and could void certain warranties, so it's recommended to consult with a knowledgeable automotive professional.  Give us a call or send us an email and we can recommend a header for your WRX!


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