PLM 4 BAR MAP Sensor Honda F20C R18 L15B K20C L15B7 K20C

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NEW!  Fits New Model Hondas!  Must have when raising the boost on your L15B7 Civic or K20C Accord!

PLM Private Label Mfg. 4 BAR MAP sensors for the newer Honda models are designed to accurately read the increased manifold pressures on turbo or supercharger setups and will reliably support up to 45 psi of boost pressure or 310 kpa.

The sensors feature direct plug and play fitment for several Honda / Acura applications and are easy to install.  The sensor provides the fastest response time available of 0.001 seconds and an accuracy over 99%.  We offer a 1 year warranty with all MAP Sensors.

Fitment Applications:
  • 10th Gen Civic 2016+
  • 11th Gen Civic 2022+
  • 10th Gen Accord 2018+
  • 04-08 Acura TSX - Single Sensor
  • 2018+ Accord 2.0T - Dual Sensors
  • 2018+ Accord 1.5T - Dual Sensors
  • 02-16 CRV - Single Sensor
  • 2017+ CRV - Dual Sensors
  • 07-08 Honda Fit - Single Sensor
  • 06-09 S2000 - Single Sensor
  • 02-05 Civic SI - Single Sensor
  • 2016+ Civic 1.5T - Dual Sensors
  • 2023+ Acura Integra - Dual Sensors
  • 11-13 CRZ (manual only) - Dual Sensors

Note: You will need 2 sensors for 2016+ Turbo Civic and 2018+ Turbo Accord.

Note: Requires engine management to use (Hondata or KTuner.)  Please consult with your tuner for calibration.

BAR is a unit of measure, 1 BAR = 14.5psi.  When calibrating in your ECU 4 Bar will be a standard that can be easily selected or calibrated.  You will simply select the appropriate sensor from the MAP tab of your preferred tuning software and your all set.  Select your application carefully as there are different sensors.