PLM Air Bag Dash Tray OEM Spec - Honda Civic EK Acura Integra DC2

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PLM Air Bag Dash Tray OEM Spec - Honda Civic EK & Acura Integra DC2

  • Honda Civic EK 1996-2000
  • Acura Integra DC2 1994-2001

This is a 1:1 OEM reproduction from a discontinued Honda part.  We have started with tooling and need your pre-orders to make it happen at the best value!


  • CAD designed in the USA from OEM Honda Part
  • Honda Air Bag Tray
  • Snaps right into place
  • Removes passenger airbag and install this tray
  • A must have for racers 
  • CDM Canadian Domestic Market 
  • JDM style & feel
  • Direct drop-in installation
Note:  This is a re-production part, not an OEM Honda Part.  PLM is not affiliated with Honda or Acura and do not claim this is an original part.

Update: 08/28/2023
  • We have 3D printed both EK and DC2 models, test fitted them and they fit perfectly like OEM.  Since then, we have started the tooling on these.  We will soon have more updates on shipping these.
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