PLM Power Driven RH Race K-Swap 4-2-1 Ramhorn Header

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PLM Private Label Mfg. Power Driven RH Ram Horn Race K-Swap ( K Swap ) 4-2-1 Header features a true step-up exhaust header design. The Tri-Y header delivers low to mid end power while utilizing a two piece design which maximizes the engine compartment space.

Vehicle Application:
95 - 95 EG K-Swap K20 K24
96 - 00 EG K-Swap K20 K24
90 - 01 DA DC Integra K-Swap K20 K24

This exhaust manifold is ideal for all forms of competition; Autocross, drag racing and road racing.

Brand New In Box. Made of 304 Stainless steel One Year Limited Warranty. Includes Header Gasket. Includes Donut Gasket. Includes spring bolts, nuts, washers. Includes Exhaust Flange and Extension Pipe. Long Tube Tri-Y header True 2.5" collector CNC machined manifold flange Flange is .38" which is just about 3/8" thick 18G on the 304 S/S. Measured at .049" to .050"