Precision Works Shifter Cable (K-Series / RSX)

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Precision Works RSX Shifter Cables

For: RSX Type-S & K-Swap Setups.

  • Super strong and stretch resistant replacement for the weaker OEM RSX Type-S cables.
  • Overall length is the same as OEM.
  • Compatible with all OEM and most shifter boxes on the market today.
  • More flexible than OEM cables.
  • Made almost entirely of high strength steel, the outer cable is constructed with a low friction Teflon coated inner liner and a heat resistant polyethylene outer covering.
  • Cable mounting ends are made of high strength steel and were designed with a threaded section to eliminate the need for the oem cable clips.
  • Compatible with OEM clips (if desired.)
  • Fully adjustable rod end connections at all four ends.
  • Gear selector with a billet rod end, with added a spherical Delrin insert to allow proper movement.

*Precision Works Shifter Cable Transmission Bracket (K-Series) Part # PW:SC-K
is recommended for an easier install and adjustments compared to stock bracket

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