PLM Pre-Order ETA & FAQ

Due to recent events that affected global supply chain, we encourage all of our customers to place the pre-orders to ensure your product once we manufacture them and get them back in stock.  There is no risk to you. You can cancel anytime and get your money back. 

If you have a specific product that you're looking for, please don't hesitate to email us or give us a call.

Current ETA on some of our popular products:

  • Honda R-Series R18 Header/Downpipe  - ETA Early March
  • FR-S BRZ Dual Axle-Back Exhaust - ETA Early March
  • WRX EWG Up-Pipe 38mm - ETA Early March
  • Q50 Axle-Back Exhaust - ETA Early March
  • Q50 Lower Downpipe - ETA Early March
  • WRX Mid Pipe Kit - ETA Mid March
  • WRX Axle-Back Blue Tips - Under Production
  • WRX Axle-Back Polished Tips - In Stock!
  • Ford Focus Downpipe - ETA Mid March
  • Ford Mustang Downpipe - ETA Mid March
  • B-Series SP Header - ETA Mid March
  • Seat Rails - ETA Mid March
  • And a ton of products under production
  • And many new products release this year!

If you don't see the item in the list, it is either in stock or we don't have an ETA on that item yet, please contact us for updates.

We're so grateful and appreciate all of our customers!

Updated: 02/22/2021