Do I have to pay sales tax?
You only have to pay sales tax if you are located in the same state as our warehouse.


I have a question on my charges.

Click the "My Account / Order Status" link at the top right hand side of our site to review your orders. You may compare your order history on our website, with your financial records. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact customer service for further assistance.


I need a copy of my receipt/invoice.

Click the "My Account / Order Status" link at the top right hand side of our site to print invoices.
When will my credit appear on my account?
Credits usually take 7-10 business days. If your order was canceled, and the funds authorized was not captured, usually it takes 7 days.
For returns, refunds, exchanges, we take 1-3 business days from the time we receive your item(s).


When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit/debit card is authorized (not charged) at the time you place the order. And we capture (charge) the card when we ship that same day.
We use Stripe, a leading online processor who handles billions of dollars every year, as our credit/debit card processor.
Our promise to our customers: we will never charge your card unless we ship your order.

"An authorization left uncaptured for 7 days will be automatically reversed." - Stripe
There are some caveats: occasionally, a bank will show an authorization as an actual charge. As such, using this in cases where the customer doesn’t expect to be charged can be confusing." - Stripe
To learn more - See this link: