Precision Works Billet Engine Torque Mounts Black Edition - Honda B-Series B18 B20 B16

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Precision Works Billet Engine Torque Mounts - Honda B-Series B18 B20 B16

Limited Black Edition - Anodized Black Finish.

Billet Mounts Features:

  • Complete set of 2 billet torque mounts
  • 70A poly bushing inserts
  • Includes hardware
  • Anodized black

It's a misconception that when you do a B-Series swap, you no longer need these torque mounts.  No matter what motor mounts are used, these billet torque mounts will definitely help securing the engine and putting all the power down to the wheels.

While you are replacing these billet torque mounts, get the optional Precision Works low profile transmission torque mount bracket as an add-on package.

Factory torque mount bracket is bulky, heavy, and ugly.  Precision Works low profile transmission torque bracket is made from laser cut high strength steel, with black powder coated finish, strong and lightweight.

Why is Precision Works better?  We've gone the extra mile and designed a patent pending OEM quality, billet torque holder bolt, washer, spacer, and lock nuts!  This unique double threaded bolt is CAD designed in-house and precision CNC machined.

You don't need any donor part from the factory bracket as it is most likely a 20+ years old rusty part.  This part is also impossible to obtain unless you have the factory torque mount.

Only Precision Works is a complete kit and it is 100% bolt-on using all new parts!

Torque Mount Bracket Features:

  • Low profile
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Laser cut high strength steel
  • Includes: torque mount holder bolt, washer, spacer, & lock nuts.
  • Patent Pending adjustment bolt includes a neck, lobe, and double threaded portion.