Precision Works Spherical Compliance Bracket '92-'95 Civic '94-'01 Integra - Silver

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Precision Works Spherical Compliance Bracket '92-'95 Civic '94-'01 Integra - Silver

Upgrade your '92-'95 Civic or '94-'01 Integra with Precision Works' Billet Compliance Bracket featuring Spherical Bearings, designed specifically for the front lower control arms.

These brackets are the perfect direct replacements for the OEM units, which often prioritize comfort over performance and can lead to compromised geometry due to wear and deflection. Our high-quality Billet Compliance Brackets with Spherical Bearings eliminate this issue, offering superior performance by allowing the lower control arms to move freely across multiple axes.

Precision Works' Spherical Bearing Billet Compliance Brackets are engineered for those who demand the best—whether you're a hardcore racer or a discerning automotive enthusiast. They maintain precise suspension geometry even under the most aggressive driving conditions, thanks to the use of high-load steel spherical bearings housed in robust billet aluminum. The removable Spirolox retainers ensure that these components are serviceable and replaceable, adding to their longevity and performance.

Choose Precision Works for a significant enhancement in your vehicle's suspension response and handling.


  • Enhanced 60ft Times: Achieve faster and more consistent acceleration off the line, improving your drag race performance.
  • Precision Suspension Geometry: Maintain accurate suspension alignment and geometry even under the most demanding driving conditions.
  • High-Load Steel Spherical Bearings: Engineered for durability and smooth operation, these bearings handle high loads and reduce deflection.
  • Robust Billet Aluminum Housing: Crafted from billet aluminum for superior strength and lightweight performance.
  • Silver Anodized Finish: Offers excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting protection and a sleek look.
  • Steel Misalignment Bushings: Provides optimal alignment and support, accommodating various suspension movements.
  • Sway-Bar Mounting Provisions: Includes integrated mounting brackets for easy installation of your sway bar, enhancing stability and handling.