Signs You Need To Replace Your Engine Mounts

Signs You Need To Replace Your Engine Mounts

A car’s engine is a grand mass of small, moving components and critical parts. Due to the very nature of an engine, its structure is bound to produce a plethora of noises and vibrations when it’s running. However, because of a specific component, this vibration is contained within the engine and does not transfer to the rest of the vehicle.

The critical accessory that is responsible for a smooth, comfortable ride is known as an engine mount or the motor mount. These engine mounts are the barrier between the engine and the frame, functioning to stabilize, align, and steadily hold your car’s engine in place inside its rightful compartment. Types of engines can vary in form, shape, and function, but they all work as the first line of defense against threats of damage from strong vibrations—that is until they wear out or break. Here are some common signs you need to replace your engine mounts.

Feeling Excessive Vibrations

This first sign is fairly obvious, as failure to prevent or absorb vibration can mean only one thing: a failing mount. An excessive amount of engine vibration establishes that a larger issue is at play. An engine that shakes in place and is able to be felt when sitting inside the vehicle is often a result of worn-out mounts. Mounts should be replaced ASAP, as an exuberance of vibration can shake the engine further out of place and cause irreversible damage.

Hearing Clunking Sounds

Besides signs you can feel, you should be wary of any mysterious sounds you hear. Clunking sounds are commonplace signs you need to replace your engine mounts. If you’re driving down the street and hear bumbling or clanking noises, the cause could be a heavy, loose engine moving gracelessly around because it’s no longer properly secured. That’s an engine mount issue you need to repair pronto.

Seeing Engine Misalignment or Movement

The primary function of the mount is to keep the engine secure. Pop the hood and check the engine bay to ensure the engine is level and not sagging or tilting one way or another. While an engine cannot literally fall out of the vehicle, the movement can easily damage other crucial parts. Improper alignment is a major indication that it’s time to replace your car’s engine mounts.

Don’t fret if you experience any of the above symptoms. Fortunately, replacing an engine mount is not overly complicated. When you go to order or purchase an engine mount kit, keep in mind that value counts. Here at PLM, we carry a variety of durable aftermarket engine mounts that don’t skimp out on quality. We take pride in our manufactured products and ensure each of our aftermarket car parts reaches our high-quality control standards at a reasonable price. Browse through our collections today.

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