Innovate Motorsports 3904 39040 MTX-D Dual Function Ethanol Content & Fuel Temp Gauge Kit

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Innovate Motorsports MTX-D Dual Function Ethanol Content & Fuel Temp Gauge Kit 

Enhance your vehicle's performance with the same ethanol content fuel monitoring setup we use on our '24 FL5 Civic Type R, which reached an impressive 529whp on the dyno! This complete kit includes a gauge, ethanol sensor, and all necessary wiring to ensure precision monitoring. Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel and subscribe for more insights into this car's performance and dyno gains. Get ready to elevate your driving experience with this top-notch setup!

  • Allows you to know the exact ethanol mixture in your fuel tank
  • No more guessing and doing complex math to get E85 mixture
  • 2-Configurable Outputs: Ethanol Content and Fuel Temp
  • Change Exterior LED As A Fill Bar or Light A Single Indicator
  • Error Reporting For Ethanol Content Sensor [Digital Display]
  • Ethanol Content Pct.: 0-100 Pct.
  • Programmable Exterior LED Ranges VS Color
  • Programmable Fuel Temperature Warning [Outer LED]
  • Programmable Unit Of Measure For Deg. F. or Deg. C.
  • Temp: -40 to 257 Deg. F.[-40 to 125 Deg. C.]
  • Part # 3904 39040