How To Tell If Your Car’s Exhaust System Needs Replacing

How To Tell If Your Car’s Exhaust System Needs Replacing

Out of the slew of components that comprise a modern car, the exhaust system is undoubtedly one of the most grueling setups. In order to function properly, each ticking and toking part must be in one hundred percent working order. While modern manufacturers design and produce exhausts with a lifespan in mind, nothing truly lasts forever. Frankly put, your own vehicle’s exhaust system can become utterly spent.

Not only does this critical system remove spent fumes, but it also controls noise levels and assists drivers with engine performance and fuel efficiency. Due to this enlightening fact, pinpointing exactly when an issue lies is an arduous task. Are you wondering how to tell if your car’s exhaust system needs replacing? Never fear—we’ve compiled a general guide about the matter. All you need to do next is use your senses.

Sight: Rust, Holes, or Cracks

Your check engine light may be the initial visual indication of a severe exhaust problem. Besides that clear-cut sign, look out for visible signals of decay or determinantal breakdown. The entire exhaust system, external tailpipes, and mufflers can display and reveal cracks, holes, excessive rust, and black carbon deposit spots from leakage. Don’t let your car's exhaust system be out of sight, out of mind.

Sound: Roars, Rattles, or Hisses

Within a vehicle exhaust system, the silencer is the part furthest from the engine. This component typically develops issues first and foremost. If you’re curious about how to tell if your car’s exhaust system needs replacing, a noisy exhaust is sound evidence of functional operation. Aside from excessive monster roaring, you may hear rattling, hissing, or chugging. These symptoms tend to reveal cracks, blockages, and misalignment within the pipes. Keep these audible warning signs in mind.

Smell: Unpleasant Fume Aromas

Fully operating mufflers have a specific job role: to funnel away toxic exhaust fumes from the vehicle. If you smell an obnoxious odor, these fumes may be circling throughout the inside of your car. That’s a sure hazardous revelation calling for immediate exhaust system replacement.

Touch: Odd Vibrations

Strong vibrations from the steering wheel or gas pedal are a tell-tale sign of exhaust leakage. Besides a notable car health problem, vibrations become a safety concern when they alter your ability to drive with control and precision. Repair or replacement is foreboding but essential.

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